Successful Installation of PAFMAC at the IBEROSTAR 70 Park Avenue was Our Second Overseas Project.


70 Park Avenue, New York, NY


 Citusa Park Avenue LLC


Floor unit


IBEROSTAR 70 Park Avenue is one of the 5 Star resort hotel chains that operates mainly in resort areas across Europe and Latin America, and in the United States, the New York establishment is the first one and flagship in USA soil. For the IBEROSTAR group, it was a highly anticipated expansion into the NY market in 2016 and it had great expectations. IBEROSTAR 70 Park Avenue is a 4-Star boutique hotel, located in Mid-town, an area most sought after by tourism and businesses even by NY standards. The exterior of the hotel is a chic building of both legacy and modern brick, built in 1928. After the group began operating the property in June 2016, the interior was renovated and now it has a sophisticated classic modern interior, transforming it to a hotel with a refined design in and out. However, due to the hotel’s outdated 2-pipe fan coil AC system, it could not find solutions against the complaints about the AC. Especially during the Spring and Autumn season, customers had varying requests, wanting cooling or heating, but the 2- pipe fan coil system that they had been using could not respond to the demand, which created lack of comfort for our guest and no way to be solved.


After the operation began as the IBEROSTAR Hotel in 2016, General Manager of the neighboring KITANO Hotel, Zack Zahran, made a courtesy visit and upon hearing the above mentioned issues from Brenda Correa, General Manager of IBEROSTAR Hotel, he introduced the PAFMAC system believing that it could be the solution. Soon after, PMAC Japan office met with Brenda and Aleksandr Pisarevskiy, Director of Engineering Management, for further details, which lead to installing sample units in rooms 1511 & 1515 by March, 2017.


During the time the sample units were installed, other rooms continued to have complaints about the AC, but the rooms with PAFMAC did not receive any complaints regarding AC system since the installation. Making a decision based on the outcome, GM Brenda Correa negotiated with the IBEROSTAR headquarters and was approved for AC upgrade budget and the decision was made to install PAFMAC in July, 2017. The installation began in January, 2018, and without causing any interruption to the hotel operation during the upgrading process, the revenue was kept steady and the installation was complete by July, 2018. In the end, in addition to its well-received exterior and interior, IBEROSTAR 70 Park Avenue became a hotel with even higher customer satisfaction from the upgraded AC system.

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