Recent PAFMAC Reviews in Japan Part 3

Taken from an article published in the Japanese weekly magazine, “HOTERES”.

Richmond Hotel Tokyo Mejiro

Hotel type: Business Hotel

Guest rooms: 145 rooms

Guest room renovation

Air conditioning was our main focus when renovating.

Our hotel had a conventional two-pipe fan coil system using cold and hot water, so before the renovation, we had always received many complaints about the room being too hot or too cold during spring and autumn seasons

The hotel's storage room was full because it had piles of heating appliances and fans that we lent out to our guests upon request.

We were searching for a cooling and heating system that could be interchanged individually in each room while using our existing 2 pipe fan coil system.

We were introduced to PAFMAC by an air conditioning consultant.

Our hotel converted from 2-pipe fan coil system to PAFMAC.

When trouble occurs in any room, the hotel does not have to stop operating any other room, since PAFMAC works independently in each room. Especially when the occupation rate is high, this flexibility leads to a peace of mind.

In this hotel chain, PAFMAC was already installed at Richmond Hotel Sapporo Odori before Tokyo Mejiro location. The second installation of PAFMAC at Richmond Hotel Tokyo Mejiro is a sign of approval that the PAFMAC and its all-year-round cooling and heating system is indeed effective.


PAFMAC Gives Hotels 4-pipe Climate Control with Existing 2-Pipe Systems.

Only the room installing PAFMAC needs to be out of order. Easy, quick installation. Great energy savings.