PAFMAC Floor Unit

Cooling Capacity 8,600 Btu/h

Cooling Capacity 13,700 Btu/h


  • PAFMAC operates very quietly because it uses a low noise inverter compressor. This unit is best suited for hotels and hospitals. Cooling Operation (Fan Coil + Heat Pump Operation), and the fan speed is low.
    • FFP17AA K NC 30.5
    • FFP27AA K NC 32.0
  • PAFMAC is ideal for replacing existing fan coil systems because the unit size is almost the same:
    • FFP17AA K:
      Outer Dimensions (Height x Width x Depth) 24-1/64×35-15/64×9-29/64
      Decorative Panel included (Height x Width x Depth)
    • FFP27AA K:
      Outer Dimensions (Height x Width x Depth):  24-1/64×42-1/8×9-29/64
      Decorative Panel included (Height x Width x Depth): 24-51/64×60-5/8×10-15/64
  • This unit provides high-efficiency cooling through its use of an inverter compressor and a DC motor.
  • There are two models that can attach the water supply pipe either to the left or right.
  • This unit has a built-in drain sensor that prevents accidental water leakage in case the drain becomes clogged.

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