PAFMAC Systems

Floor Unit

Cooling Capacity 8,600 Btu/h

Cooling Capacity 13,700 Btu/h

Ceiling Unit

Cooling Capacity 13,700 Btu/h

Vertical Stack

Cooling Capacity 18,500 Btu/h

Product Highlights

Hybrid Technology

PAFMAC offers year-round heating and cooling by combining built-in fan coil and heat pump technology.

Water Source Flexibility

Heat or cool regardless of the temperature of your inlet water.

Four Season Operation

A built-in compressor delivers cooling and heating as needed throughout the year.

System Comparison

How PAFMAC technology compares to a traditional 4-Pipe chilled/hot water system.

Energy Savings

Our client achieved an 18% drop in annual energy costs after installing PAFMAC technology.

Customizable Controls

PAFMAC can be customized to work with thermostats from your favorite manufacturer.

Installation of PAFMAC

Procedures for replacing an existing Fan Coil Unit (FCU) with PAFMAC.

Adoption Checklist

The following checklist can be used to decide whether PAFMAC is the right solution for your building.

PAFMAC’s Unique Benefits

Traditional 2-pipe Fan Coil HVAC Unit

Traditional 2-pipe fan coil HVAC units are widely used but lack flexibility. For air conditioning, they need to be supplied with cool water; for heating, they need hot water. This unsophisticated design means that the water source must be switched between hot and cool water depending on the season. Guests cannot easily change from heating to air conditioning, which leads to an increase in customer complaints.


In contrast, PAFMAC systems have both a built-in fan coil and heat pump, which means they can cool or heat at any time, regardless of the season. This provides much better temperature control for your customers (who can heat or cool their room anytime as needed), and greater peace of mind for your staff, as customer complaints about heating and cooling become a thing of the past.

Features of PAFMAC System