Product line for Japan

Since its founding in 1972, PMAC has produced a wide range of highly efficient air conditioning systems and has been a pioneer in the development of individual air conditioning units. Our designs have been adopted in a variety of different buildings. PMAC uses the individual heat pump system based on a water heat source and an air heat source. We have been highly successful in designing and developing small air conditioning systems to suit clients’ building needs. We provide the answers to all air conditioning requirements, and aim to create a “comfortable space” for our clients.


This site introduces the air conditioning systems sold in Japan.


Water Source Heat Pump PMAC

PMAC is an individual air-conditioning system that distributes small water-heat-source heat pump units with built-in compressors throughout the building.

Air Cool Mono-Block Package ASPAC

ASPAC is an air-cool air-conditioning unit with a built-in compressor.
No need for refrigerant installation piping work at the site.
No need to create space for the outdoor unit because of the mono-block package.

Cutting-edge & Unique products

We are also producing a variety of distinctive air conditioners.


We have a proven track record of success in many famous buildings in Japan.