Happy New Year 2020

Happy New Year 2020

 I would like to express my great thanks to everyone for your support this past year.

As a manufacturer, we have pursued comfort, energy savings and unique quality as the defining features of compact heat pump air-conditioners and sold approximately 800,000 units mostly in major cities across Japan with a single goal to create high quality space. Moreover, as everyone has a unique personality, each building also has unique characteristics, so we have always developed air-conditioners that satisfy customer needs which in turn matches the unique features of buildings.

PAFMAC units

In 1994, as guests became increasingly globalized, we received a requests to eliminate room temperature complaints, so we thrived in developing a hybrid AC system, combining conventional fan coil and heat pumps, a system dedicated to hotel rooms. We sold our first unit of its kind in 1996.

 Currently, 20,000 of our original AC units are operating, equipped with all-year-round cooling and heating functions, minimal construction requirement (only requiring replacement of AC units), freedom of room selection, and the convenience of continuing to use existing heat source and piping.

 Lastly, we are expecting an increase in numbers of inbound tourists thanks to Olympic and Paralympic Games in 2020, commitment to becoming a tourism nation and enactment of Integrated Resorts Promotion bill. Nippon PMAC welcomes all of you and we will continue our commitment to work diligently for our customers as an environment creation company.

I wish all of you a Happy New Year.


4-Pipe Climate Control with Existing 2-Pipe Systems.

Only the room installing PAFMAC needs to be out of order. Easy, quick installation. Great energy savings.