PAFMAC was Successfully Adopted at The Kitano Hotel New York and was our First Overseas Project.


New York, NY 


The Kitano Hotel New York


Ceiling Unit


The Kitano Hotel had been having trouble with the temperature of its rooms. Guests complained about the rooms being too cold or too hot - especially during the change of seasons. The traditional 2-Pipe Fan Coil system in place at the time offered limited flexibility and customer control, leading to numerous complaints. The Kitano considered replacing its system with a more complex 4-Pipe Fan Coil system, or an EHP system like those made by Daikin to resolve the problem. However, the Kitano realized that this would require large-scale repairs to the facility. The repairs would require substantial downtime for the facility and significant investment.


The Kitano team realized that PMAC offered an alternative HVAC solution that could provide individual cooling and heating for each room. Even better, it utilized the existing 2-Pipe infrastructure that was already in place.

PMAC visited Kitano's New York facility to better understand their needs and the facility's existing layout and infrastructure. Working with Kitano's staff, they realized that the PAFMAC technology offered a great solution. Not only would it deliver the precise cooling and heating control required for maximum guest comfort, but it also would be very easy to install within Kitano's facility.

"I was very excited that someone was offering a system that was so much better than the 4-Pipe solution. It was cheaper, required less downtime, fewer permits, and was easier to install."

"We installed the system in several rooms to see how it would work. I found out how easy it was to install. The scope of work and time required for installation were the most important aspect for us. We were thrilled that we could complete the installation in only one day!"
(Zack Zahran, General Manager of the Kitano Hotel)


Guest complaints about room temperature disappeared.

Annual energy costs dropped by 18%.

The repairs were completed with minimal downtime.

“We were really surprised at how well the system works and how easy it was to install. The comfort of our guests is always paramount and the ability for each room to control its own heating and cooling is a significant upgrade on the quality of service we provide.” (Zack Zahran, General Manager of the Kitano Hotel)

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