ASHRAE Journal

Nippon PMAC USA Inc. posted advertisements on the Magazine " ASHRAE Journal " for HVAC officials in the United States on December, 2019.

The same advertisement will appear in the January, 2020 issue of " ASHRAE Journal ".

ASHRAE Journal advertisement

Sometimes the most important feature of a room can’t be seen.

Give your guests complete control of something they can’t see but definitely feel…the temperature of the room.

PAFMAC turns existing 2 pipe fan coil systems into a true climate control experience.

These quiet, energy-efficient PAFMAC systems can be installed room by room, without system-wide interruption meaning less down time during renovation.

See for yourself what PAFMAC can do for your hotel.



Nothing compares to a real world test of our system, its installation and our customer care.

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PAFMAC Gives Hotels 4-pipe Climate Control with Existing 2-Pipe Systems.

Only the room installing PAFMAC needs to be out of order. Easy, quick installation. Great energy savings.