4-Pipe Climate Control with Existing 2-Pipe Systems.

Only the room installing PAFMAC needs to be out of order. Easy, quick installation. Great energy savings.

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Our Customers

IBEROSTAR 70 Park Avenue

Successful Installation of PAFMAC at the IBEROSTAR 70 Park Avenue was Our Second Overseas Project.


Delivering HVAC systems for a comfortable hotel stay.


Every hospital room has the right temperature for patients.

Offices, Schools & Others

Making offices and schools better places to work and learn.

PAFMAC’s Unique Benefits

Traditional 2-pipe Fan Coil HVAC Unit

Traditional 2-pipe fan coil HVAC units are widely used but lack flexibility. For air conditioning, they need to be supplied with cool water; for heating, they need hot water. This unsophisticated design means that the water source must be switched between hot and cool water depending on the season. Guests cannot easily change from heating to air conditioning, which leads to an increase in customer complaints.


In contrast, PAFMAC systems have both a built-in fan coil and heat pump, which means they can cool or heat at any time, regardless of the season. This provides much better temperature control for your customers (who can heat or cool their room anytime as needed), and greater peace of mind for your staff, as customer complaints about heating and cooling become a thing of the past.

Introduction video of PAFMAC

Our Products

For the first time in the United States, three PAFMAC units are available to deliver comfort, efficiency and room-by-room climate control.

Floor Unit

Ceiling Unit

Vertical Stack

One System, Many Benefits

For the first time in the United States, three PAFMAC units are available to deliver
the comfort, efficiency, and room-by-room climate control.

Energy Savings When Heating and Cooling at Same Time

Perfect Comfort Setting for
Each and Every Guest

No Disruption to Normal
Business Operations

Easy Installation and Maintenance

Retrofit Existing System at Lowest Possible Cost

PAFMAC Leads to Dramatic Drop in Customer Complaints

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PAFMAC is a registered trademark of NIPPON PMAC CO.,LTD.

PMAC is a registered trademark and a service mark of NIPPON PMAC CO.,LTD.